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Персонаж Дио Брандо для Террарии

Персонаж созданный по мотивам главного злодея манги JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Персонаж в броне звездной пыли, из оружия у него только вот такие посохи: посох ледяной гидры, посох лунного портала, посох дракона звездной пыли и посох клетки звездной пыли. Плюс в инвентаре есть ещё несколько полезных вещей.


Персонаж: Классика

надо было ещё вампирские ножи ему дать, и духа покрасить в фулл желтый

Можно было бы, но автор видимо не захотел или не додумался до этого )

А как окрасить стенда?

Зделаите ещё персонажей пожалуста там Джотаро Джозефа Абдула или ещё кого-то просто зделаите мне подарок у меня сегодня день рождения мне 13 пожалуста😀🙏🙏🙏🙏

Привет, с днём рождения! К сожалению я сам не создаю персонажей, мне их присылаю а я их только публикую.



Stands are the main feature of the mod. They allow the player to use a variety of abilities depending on the Stand that’s equipped. Each Stand has it’s own set of abilities, and can be upgraded into more powerful tiers as you progress through the game. Upgrading a Stand enhances it’s stats and unlocks new powers, or upgrades powers that it already had.

«Stands are defined as personifications of «life energy» (although it’s later changed to «spiritual energy») whose abilities are given visual form. When first presented, the term is written as «Stand» (Sutando), with furigana to change the pronunciation of what literally means «Ghostly Ripple» (幽波紋 Yūhamon) in kanji. According to Joseph Joestar, the name «Stand» comes from the fact they usually manifest standing next to the User: ready to act. Stands can come in many different shapes and sizes, they also have many different abilities (Such as, Stop Time, Erase Time, Control the Weather, etc).

A Stand can also represent the manifestation of an individual’s innate «fighting spirit» and embodies, to an extent, the individual’s psyche. However, Stands may also derive through the exploration of possibilities and expression of the mind, in which case, only a large amount of mental strength is required. Beyond that definition, Stands present themselves in a large variety of forms and with different behaviors, if they are sentient at all. They follow a loose set of rules, with no definite standard by which one can fully classify them. As an embodiment of someone’s psyche, Stands are therefore as varied as human minds can be.

Due to their diversity, Stands are not made equal. Some can be incredibly powerful due to their User’s outstanding grit, others can be highly situational because of a defining quirk of character, or even detrimental to their User if they do not have the necessary fighting spirit.

When Stands were first introduced in Stardust Crusaders, they were named after the cards of the Arcana of the Tarot, and sometimes a color (the color of the Stands body), and then Ancient Egyptian deities, with their designs often featuring motifs of those cards or mythological figures. Towards the end of Stardust Crusaders and in all subsequent story arcs, Stand names are references to musicians, bands, albums, and songs from American, Australian, British, and European music scenes; only one Stand’s name has ever referenced Japanese music.

Stands are connected to an alien virus contained in the rock of a meteorite that fell in Cape York, Greenland. It is explained that the virus can infect people and for the most part kills them, but the few who survive are granted a Stand ability.»


Stand Stats [ ]

Stands have their own set of stats, as they have their own damage class. Stand Users can equip Accessories in order to enhance certain stats. Stands have their own Damage: Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Ability Cooldown, and Player Defense boost. Take into account that some stats are more important to certain Stands than others. For example, Sex Pistols doesn’t benefit from Stand Damage boosts, as it gives a fixed boost to Ranged Damage, as it works around guns.

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Obtaining Stands [ ]

There are five ways to obtain a Stand:

Inheritance [ ]

Upon spawning your character in for the first time, there is a 20% chance to spawn with a random Stand’s tier 1 upon creating a new player. This is considered Inheritance.

Arrow Shard [ ]

The way most players will get their first stand is by asking Jotaro the Marine Biologist for Stand Help, and he’ll give you an Arrow Shard, which you can use use to stab yourself and manifest a Stand. Doing this will give you a buff named Pierced! that lasts 10 minutes. After this wears off, you will receive a random Stand’s Tier 1. If you die before the Pierced! buff wears off, the Pierced! buff will go away, but Jotaro will give you another Arrow Shard. After you get a Stand, Jotaro won’t give you any more Arrow Shards, and the Stand Help option will start giving you advice about the Stand you have in the Stand Slot.

Viral Meteorite [ ]

After getting a Stand from Jotaro, you won’t be able to get another Stand until after killing Skeletron. Doing so will cause a Viral Meteorite to fall the next morning. You can make Viral Meteorite Bars using this, which you can use to create Stand Arrows at the Remix Table. You can either use it as it is to see if the arrow deems you worthy, or you may combine the Stand Arrow with a Will to create a Stand of your choice.

Pucci [ ]

After reaching Hardmode, Pucci the Priest will move in, who sells Stand disks.

How to summon your Stand [ ]

1. Put the Stand in the Stand Slot
2. Bind a key to «Stand Out» in Controls
3. Press the «Stand Out» bind while the Stand is in the slot. All Stands takes up 1 minion slot, so if you’re playing as a Summoner, you’ll need to save a slot for your Stand.

Stand Controls [ ]

Do note that all of these keybinds are the defaults. They can all be changed using the mod configuration feature.

  • JoJoStands: Special Ability
    • Not all Stands have a special ability, but those that do will have it listed in the Item Tooltip.
    • The default key is P.
  • JoJoStands: Stand Out
    • This summons your Stand, allowing you to control it and use it’s abilities.
      • While your Stand is out, you will be unable to use tools and weapons.
    • Even though some Stands do not have a physical appearance (For example, The Lock), it will still enable them to use their abilities.
    • The default key is G. You may need to rebind the key to make it work, as some people run into an issue where it doesn’t work until after rebinding it.
  • JoJostands: Pose
    • This makes your character and your Stand Pose, if the Stand has a pose. Not all Stands have poses as of now.
    • The default key is V.
  • JoJoStands: Stand Auto Mode
    • This allows your Stand to act on it’s own. It will automatically defend you if an enemy is within range.
    • You are able to use tools and weapons when your Stand is in Auto Mode.
    • There are a couple Stands that do not have an Auto Mode AI as of now. Tusk’s Act 1, 2, and 3, 20th Century Boy, and Sex Pistols.
      • You are still able to use tools and weapons when Auto Mode is active, but these Stands will not do anything while out and in Auto Mode.
    • The Default Key is L.


Джоджо террария как сделать

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Если вы зашли на это руководство в надежде увидеть косплей Диу, то знайте, ВЫ ПРАВЫ, КОНО ДИО ДА!
Я решил сделать это руководство из-за того, что моё руководство о Жожи номер 3 набрало популярность.
Вот что у нас должно получится в конце:

Надеюсь, вы оцените!

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Как должен выглядеть перс, при его создании:

Из брони нам понадобится броня звёздной пыпыли. Из одежды — корона (платиновая, но с золотой тоже можно) и обычная одежда (без парика).
Аксы: Проклятие yoraiz0r (конец :P)
Оружие: Аркалис (типо град ударов зе воралда) и вампирские ножи. Интерестно, а зачем я сюда ножи добавил¿¿¿
Эффект ударов, очень похожий на удары кулаками, который вызывает Аркалис

Использование Вампирских ножей:

P.S. Если вы хотите останавливать время (ЗА ВАРУДО), то предлагаю вам скачать мод Antiaris, в котором есть такая вещь как Time paradox crystal (кристалл временного парадокса). Он позволит вам останавливать время на 10 секунд.

Подведём итоги: Ваше IQ снизилось на 10 после прочтения этого руководства. Ах да, ещё. а больше и ничего 😛


tModLoader JoJoStands


Official Terrarian

JoJoStands is a mod where we’re trying to implement many stands and items from 1-7.

Stands: Star Platinum, The World, Gold Experience, Gold Experience Requiem, King Crimson, Sex Pistols, Aerosmith, Sticky Fingers, Killer Queen, Killer Queen: Stray Cat, Magicians Red, Hierophant Green, Tusk, The Hand, Whitesnake, Lock, Dolly Dagger, Grateful Dead, Cream, Bad Company, Silver Chariot, Stone Free, and Hermit Purple.

How to obtain Stands:

  1. Small chance to spawn with a stand upon creating a new player (Inheritance)
  2. Asking Jotaro for an Arrow Shard, in which you stab yourself with it and wait an in-game day for it to wear off
  3. Viral Meteorite, a meteor that drops after Skeletron has been defeated (Use it to craft an arrow)

If you have a stand idea or feel like contributing to the mod, you can join the JoJoStands server on Discord: Join the JoJo Stands Discord Server!. Or you could look at the JoJoStands Wiki if you need to find something. This is my first experience with code, if you want to help out, just know we aren’t professionals at this.

JoJoStands v2.3 Changelog:
— Silver Chariot has been added
— Stone Free has been added
— Hermit Purple has been added
— Bad Company has been added
— Cream has been added
— A Second Stand Special has been added!
— Most Stands have been changed or reworked! Stands that may not have been enjoyable to use previously may be much more enjoyable now! (All Stand changes will be listed below)
— The Ability Wheel has been added for Stands with too many abilities to fit into binds!
— Stands have gone through a balance pass. What this means is that most Stands were looked at and buffed or nerfed. The best examples of this are King Crimson (damage now increases by the amount of times hit) and Killer Queen: Stray Cat (Much stronger and worthy of the use of a Requiem Arrow).
— Stand have been given extra effects. Some Stands may have been lacking in effects like King Crimsons Timeskip or Killer Queen’s Bite the Dust. They’re now visually represented and cooler to use!
— Two Christmas Stands have been added! Agent Crimson and Star on the Tree! They can be obtained by using the Gingerbread Arrow
— Stands now give a passive defense boost depending on their tier
— The Viral Foods have been buffed and now display their effects in their tooltips!
— In-game trophies and paintings no longer drop random Vanilla items when placed
— Range Indicators are now accurate
— Stands no longer appear blurry at non-100% zoom levels
— The Viral Pearl Ring now has an 100% chance to appear in the Traveling Merchant’s shop after defeating Plantera
— New Vanities have been added
— Lastly, to provide a piece of Part 1 flavor, the Archeology Journal and Wooden Cane have been left in v2.2, along with Luck & Pluck! The Archelogy Journal allows you to summon a Jonathan Pet and the Wooden Cane lets you summon a Speed Wagon Pet!
— Multiplayer Stability has been improved
— A Stand Network Throttle has been implemented

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JoJoStands: Sounds v1.4 Changelog:
— JoJoStands: Sounds now has an icon!
— Background Effects for certain moves have been added — Sound Sync now works properly!

Stand Changes:
— Aerosmith’s Special has been buffed tremendously. There used to be no point in using it before, this has now changed
— Gold Experience now has small effects for creating and destroying life
— Gold Experience now utilizes the Ability Wheel rather than the «Switch-with-Special» way it used to use
— Gold Experience Requiem has been resprited
— Grateful Dead’s Aging debuff has been buffed substantially
— Grateful Dead now visually releases gasses and distorts the area around it when releasing gas
— Hierophant Green can now stun enemies with right-click
— Hierophant Green now has a Remote Mode that allows players to travel as Hierophant Green for some distance. Abilities in this form change to: Right-Click-> Trap Wires — Killer Queen’s bombs have been buffed tremendously. Previously, his bombs did slightly less damage than a typical barrage and were just not worth using. They now do around 5x the damage of his barrage and are now its main selling point (As it should’ve been!)
— King Crimson has been given a new right-click: The Parry. While holding right-click, King Crimson will Stand in front of you in a guarding position. When an enemy or projectile comes in contact with him, King Crimson will hurt/destroy whatever touched it and timeskip backward 3 tiles
— King Crimson’s Foresight has been moved to its Second Special
— Magician’s Red has been resprited
— Sex Pistols can now be utilized as a Stand and placed in various positions relative to the player. They will hover in those positions and will now kick/redirect bullets to the nearest enemy while also boosting the damage of the projectile kicked.
— Sex Pistols now has a Second Special: Kick Frenzy. In this mode the cooldown for kicking bullets is removed and all bullets will gain even more damage when kicked.
— Star Platinum now has a new right-click: Bullet Flick. When the player has ammo to use, Star Platinum will flick it in the direction of the mouse
— Sticky Fingers now has a new right-click: Zipper Ambush. While the mouse is hovering over a block and right-click is being held, Sticky Fingers will allow the player to hide inside of the selected tile and unleash a surprise attack whenever right-click is pressed again. The Surprise Attack boosts Sticky Fingers’ damage 15% and increase Sticky Fingers’ Speed by 1
— Sticky Fingers’ Zipper Grapple Special is now able to travel through tiles and will not stop until an opening is detected.
— Sticky Fingers has been given a Second Special: Zipper Dodge. While this ability is active, Sticky Fingers will unzip the player to dodge an incoming attack.
— The Hand has been given a new Special: Scrape Mode. In this mode, The Hand’s Left-click is replaced with a short-range scrape barrage that deals much more damage and applies Missing Organs! to enemies that get scraped. Right-Click is also replaced the previous Special.
— The Hand’s Scrape Mode: Right-Click now has no range limit and NPCs will be highlighted when they are in range of the scrape.
— Whitesnake now has a Remote Mode. In this mode, the player can travel as Whitesnake and shoot incoming enemies and create an aura that puts enemies to sleep.

Note: This release is for 1.4. To get 1.4, you have to right-click TModLoader on your Steam Library, select Properties, then go to Betas->TModLoader 1.4 Stable. The mod can be found either in the Mod Browser or the Steam Workshop when TModLoader is in 1.4.

Changelogs for v2.3.1 can be found in this post: v2.3.1 Changelogs!

Changelogs for v2.3.2 can be found in this post: v2.3.2 Changelogs!

Changelogs for v2.3.3 can be found in this post: v2.3.3 Changelogs!

Download link for v2.3.3 (Sounds Mod included): MEGA Download Link

YouTube link to VM theme:


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